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Re-Entry to Practice

The required knowledge, skills, and judgment used by Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) change rapidly in the laboratory field, the SSMLT must uphold currency of practice. The SSMLT must ensure individuals possess and demonstrate the necessary competencies for the current work environment and the advancements in laboratory techniques, technologies, equipment and methodologies.

SSMLT must ensure public protection and patient safety, but must not create an unreasonable barrier to professional MLT practice.


Refer to the policy applicable to determine the steps required to obtain a licence to practice:

Absence (in years) from MLT practice:

  1. 5-9 years MLT-General, Cytology and Clinical Genetics
  2. Greater than 10 years MLT-General
  3. Greater than 10 years MLT-Cytology
  4. Greater than 10 years MLT-Clinical Genetics

    Contact SSMLT

    For information on Re-Entry to Practice contact SSMLT office.

    Phone: 306-352-6791


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