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SSMLT Mandate


Primary role of Public Protection
As a regulator accountable for the public protection by ensuring members are competent, the SSMLT:

  • Establishes requirements for licensure collaborating with inter-provincial regulatory partners
  • Registers and renews licenses
  • Establishes, monitors, and enforces Act, Bylaws, Policies, Code of Ethics, Continuing Professional Education,& Practice Hours
  • Provides advise to public, members and employers with respect to legislation
  • Establishes and maintains complaint process

SSMLT acts in the interest of the public to:

  • Review and develop Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) legislation
  • Engage and collaborate with members for better regulation and professional practice
  • Promote public/patient safety


SSMLT has an additional role in representing the profession in the interest of public protection:
  • Represent SSMLT to the government, employers, and other agencies in the interest of the public
  • Encourage leadership and member engagement
  • Provide educational resources and opportunities
  • Work collaboratively with other healthcare organizations

SSMLT can not :

  • Act in the interest of the member with regard to labour relations issues. Unions protect and advance the health, social, and economic well-being of its members
  • Negotiate collective agreements including hours, job title, benefits, and compensation
  • Manage conditions of employment or employment legislative provisions
  • Act on issues of employer non-compliance with respect to collective agreement
  • Represent an MLTs interests with respect to employment human resource issues


Governance Manual

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Election to Council

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Appointment to Committee

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