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Continuing Education Links

This list is a summary of website links that offer educational material or courses.
Reminder: Category 1 Continuing Professional Education submissions must have attendance or participation verification in the event you are audited.
Verification can be items such as but not limited to: receipt of payment, transcripts, certificate of participation, attendance sheet by employer, signature/date of presenter or speaker

No Cost Opportunities

Podcast “This Podcast Will Kill You”   
Since there is no registration process, to qualify for Category 1 credits, you must login to your member profile, then copy and paste the quiz link in the url search bar and complete the quiz. Note:  The quiz will not appear unless you are logged in.  

As episodes are reviewed and quizzes are created the list will be updated.

Episode Link
Quiz for completion Credit hours
COVID-19 Chapter 1: Virology  Quiz available
 1 hour
COVID-19 Chapter 2: Clinical Disease Quiz available

 1 hour
Episode 56: Sickle Cell Disease Quiz available

h ttps://

 2 hours
Episode 57: Herpes - Stop the STIgma Quiz Available

 1.5 hours
Episode 34: Cystic Fibrosis Quiz available
 1.75 hours
Episode 35: Lyme Disease Quiz available

  2 hours
Episode 50: We owe it all to Chemistry Quiz available
h ttps://
 2 hours
Episode 1: Influenza Quiz available
 1 hour
Episode 24: Zika Quiz available

 1 hour

CAP Proficiency Testing CE opportunities- To obtain CE credits you must access and complete the associated CE requirements
  • Proficiency Testing CE Access
  • 2019 Proficiency Test CE Flyer
  • 2020 Proficiency Test CE Flyer

Ongoing Opportunities

Please note:
Applicants should contact the institution or provider offering the course(s) for the most up-to-date
detailed information/registration protocols.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Continuing Education
Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
     - Objective Lens Podcasts

     - Course offerings

College of American Pathologists - Laboratory Professionals Learning Courses
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
LabCE - Online Laboratory Continuing Education
Media Lab - Online Safety Training and Compliance Continuing Education
Labroots- Online webinars and virtual events
Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences
Association of Public Health Laboratories
SAIT | Medical Laboratory Technology Post Graduate Refreshers
SAIT | Medical Laboratory Technology/Healthcare Continuing Education

SSMLT Approved ECG Courses

Electrocardiography(ECG) is not part of the MLT training program. MLTs that are expected to perform ECGs shall complete one of the following courses along with clinical assessment to be deemed competent to perform ECGs at the entry level. Following completion and submission of documentation to SSMLT, ECG will be included in Professional Liability Insurance coverage. ( Member Communication- excerpt LabOratory December 2012 )

      1. SK Polytechnic - Electrocardiography ECRD 180
        Delivery : Distance Online
      2. SAIT eCampus Alberta
        Electrocardiography Theory Basic: ECGS-200
      3. Michener
        EK 703
      4. Michener
        EK 816
      5. CSMLS 5314.18 Introduction to Basic Electrocardiography (ECG)

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