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Licensing & Renewal

Annual Renewal⇒

This section provides an overview of the renewal process.  Each year a Renewal Guide is produced to provide members with renewal guidance.

CPE & Practice Hours Requirements

CPE and Practice Hours are required for annual renewal as outlined in the SSMLT regulatory bylaws. 

Review⇒ CPE requirements

Review⇒ Practice Hours requirements

Upgrade to Practicing


Non-practicing and Retired members are able to upgrade to a practicing licence under the following conditions:

  • They have the required continuing education credits to maintain a practicing licence
  • They have the required practice hours to maintain a practicing licence

Members can change member status at renewal time directly on the renewal form.

If a member requires an upgrade to practicing during the licence year members must go to member login and complete the “Upgrade to Practicing” form and submit the required fee to obtain the practicing licence.

Letter of Standing Request


Current or Former members of SSMLT may request a letter of standing be sent to another jurisdiction as follows:

Current member:

  • Login to member portal
  • Review member file and ensure all information is current
  • Enter any Continuing Professional Education or Practice Hours that are required
  • Select Letter of Standing request button from member home page
  • Complete request and make payment

SSMLT office will review member file and submit a 'Letter or Standing' to requested MLT regulatory body.  Member will be cc'd on correspondence.

Former member:

Contact SSMLT office by email at for instructions.

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