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CSMLS Certified- Practicing License Application

All applicants within this category must have successfully completed the Canadian MLT certification examination issued by Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and be working in another Canadian jurisdiction or be a New Graduate within 24 months with no MLT work experience.

Remember: You cannot work as a medical laboratory technologist in Saskatchewan until you have received notice from SSMLT that your license application has been approved.

To be eligible for a Practicing License, You must:

1. Be eligible to work in Canada
         -be a Canadian citizen; or
         -be a permanent resident of Canada; or
         -have authorization under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) to work in Canada

2. Meet the general requirements for membership

      a.   Language requirement

          Language proficiency assessment options:

          - TOEFL iBT- Home edition
Review Equipment and Environment, review checklist before registering:
         - TOEFL iBT - Test center and dates - link
         - MELA online version:

      b.  Proof of good character
      c.  Submit photo identification

3.  Provide evidence of Education
         - Graduated from a Canadian Accredited MLT Education program; or
         - Completed substantial equivalency via Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

4.  Provide evidence of certification from CSMLS

5.  Provide evidence of Currency of MLT Practice(within the previous 5 years):
         -New Graduates from a Canadian Accredited MLT program have 5 years to obtain; otherwise
         -Submit the required (minimum of 30 hours within the previous 5 years) Continuing Professional Education
         -Submit required validated MLT Practice Hours (minimum of 1200 MLT practice hours within the previous 5 years)
         -Insufficient Continuing Professional Education or Practice Hours; refer to SSMLT Re-Entry to Practice Policy

Document checklist

How to Apply

Once you have reviewed the document checklist and have all required documents you can complete the Certified MLT Application Form below, remit fees and submit required documents.


  • Enter all required profile information.
  • Pay applicable application and registration fees.
  • Enter your Practice Hours information through your "Applicant Portal"
  • Enter your Continuing Education through your "Applicant Portal"
  • Upload your supporting documents through your "Applicant Portal"

The on-line application will allow you to create your own login-id and password.

Username requires a minimum length of 6 characters.

Password requires a minimum length of 8 characters, must contain an uppercase letter, lower case letter, a digit.

These login credentials which you may reset, will allow you access to your 'Applicant Portal' where you can upload the required supporting documents.

Please note that once you submit your on-line application form, your application for membership will be reviewed and will have a status of 'pending'. SSMLT staff will review your application for membership and either approve it or contact you should further information be required.

CSMLS Certified-Practicing License Application Form

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