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Internationally Educated MLT (IEMLT)

NOTE: Internationally educated MLTs that are Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) certified and working in another Canadian jurisdiction, refer to Canadian Certified MLT application.


IEMLT Overview     

Immigration to Canada and registration with the SSMLT are two separate processes.

It is essential that you work on both the immigration and the registration processes.


Important: The immigration process can take a long time. If you are approved to immigrate to Saskatchewan, you must still be accepted and qualified to work as a medical laboratory technologist. Conversely, you may be qualified to work as a medical laboratory technologist in Saskatchewan but may not be eligible to immigrate.

If you are not currently residing in Canada, please read more information for Non-Residents of Canada .

Work Requirements

To work in Saskatchewan, you must have one of the following:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Have authorization to work in Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations

Visit Government of Saskatchewan - Immigrating to Saskatchewan for more information.


Registration (Licensure)

Medical Laboratory Technologist Profession in Canada is regulated in each province in Canada except British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. Entrance requirements for each province are similar. In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists is the regulator.

You must hold a license to be able to practice medical laboratory technology in Saskatchewan. If your education and experience do not qualify you to be an MLT in one province, you will not be licensed in another province.

SSMLT licences MLTs in the following three (3) Categories:

  • MLT- General Practice (Chemistry, Hematology, Transfusion Science, Microbiology, and Histology)
  • Diagnostic Cytology (Diagnostic Cytology and Histology since June 2017)
  • Clinical Genetics


Remember: You cannot work as a medical laboratory technologist in Saskatchewan until you have received notice from SSMLT that your license application has been approved.


Steps to SSMLT registration (Licensure)

Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists (IEMLTs) undergo various levels of training in order to obtain the credential to practice their profession in their home country.


SSMLT registration (licensure) requires the following 3 steps:

  1. Substantial equivalency process- CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
  2. Credential document review application- SSMLT
  3. License application-SSMLT


Step 1: Substantial Equivalency Process


The SSMLT must confirm that your education is substantially equivalent to that of a Canadian MLT graduate. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process administered by the CSMLS will establish Canadian equivalency in order to determine eligibility to challenge the CSMLS certification examination(s).


To complete the PLA substantial equivalency process you first must review all requirements and if eligible make application for PLA to the CSMLS at:

Carefully review the requirements for a  Prior Learning Assessment  (PLA) 
This process is detailed and it is important that you read all documents carefully to determine if you are eligible to proceed. 

Following submission of all required documents for CSMLS PLA, you will be issued a PLA assessment report. 
There are three (3) possible outcomes: 

  1. You meet the requirements and are eligible to write the CSMLS Certification Examination
  2. You meet most of the requirements, but there is a gap in your education or experience. The CSMLS PLA report will provide guidance on ways to fill the gap. The learning plan will explain options for acceptable courses or training required to become eligible to write the CSMLS certification exam.
  3. You do not meet the requirements to be a Certified Medical Laboratory Technologist. You may wish to pursue alternate career options.

Upon successful completion of all requirements of the PLA process, you will be deemed eligible to write the CSMLS Certification Examination as noted in Step 1 above and may proceed to step 2.

Step 2: SSMLT Credential Document Review (CDR) Application

The Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT) has been mandated to ensure that the public is protected by ensuring a minimum professional standard is obtained in order to be issued a License to Practice the profession in Saskatchewan.

To determine SSMLT membership eligibility, IEMLTs must have completed requirements of the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), as outlined in Step 1 and be in one of three categories:


1.CSMLS Certified- no Canadian work experience

Document checklist

2. CSMLS certification exam written and results pending; or

Document checklist

3. CSMLS certification exam eligible and registered

Document checklist

How to Apply

Once you have reviewed the applicable document checklist and have all required documents you can complete the Credential Document Review Application Form below, remit the fee (non-refundable $150) and submit required documents.

Some documents are required to be sent from source directly to SSMLT office as outlined in the document checklist. Application processing will not begin until all documents are received.


  • Enter all required profile information.
  • Pay applicable credential document review fees.
  • Upload your supporting documents through your "Applicant Portal"


The on-line application will allow you to create your own login-id and password.

Username requirements: must be more than 7 characters

Password requirements: must be at least 8 characters, 1 upper case and 1 number

These login credentials which you may reset, will allow you access to your ‘Applicant Portal’ where you can upload the required supporting documents.

You must complete the application, you can not save and start again.

Please note that once you submit your on-line credential document review form, your credential documents review application will have a status of ‘pending’.

When all required credential documents are received, SSMLT staff will review your application and advise you as follows:

  • You meet the requirement to apply for SSMLT membership; or
  • You are required to submit further documents; or
  • You that you do not meet requirements for SSMLT membership


Credential Document Review Application


Credential Document Review (CDR) file expires 12 months from the date of application review.  Should you meet the requirements for SSMLT license application, you must proceed to license application prior to CDR file expiration.  If you do not apply for a license prior to file expiration, you must submit a new CDR application, required documents and applicable fee.



Step 3: SSMLT License Application

International Educated MLTs that complete all requirements of Steps 1 & 2 and must notify SSMLT they wish to apply for licensure.  Following notification to SSMLT that you require a license application, you will be provided the SSMLT  license application form for completion. SSMLT license applicants must complete the online application form, provide all general application documents required and pay the application and license fees.

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