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What is a complaint?

A complaint refers to any complaint, report or allegation in writing and signed by a person regarding the conduct, actions, competence, character, or ability of a member of the SSMLT or former member of the SSMLT pursuant to subsection 20(2) of the Act. Complaints may be filed by members of the public, colleagues, supervisors and employers. The process by which complaints are received and investigated is governed by The Medical Laboratory Technologists Act, 1995 and the Bylaws and Policies of the SSMLT.

If you are concerned that the care or treatment you received from a SSMLT member constituted professional misconduct &/or professional incompetence, you may submit a complaint to the SSMLT. If you are unsure if filing a complaint is the best way to proceed, please contact the SSMLT office (306-352-6791), and a staff member can answer your questions regarding the practice of medical laboratory technology and the complaints process.

What is Professional Incompetence?

Professional incompetence is a question of fact, but the display by a member of:

  • a lack of knowledge, skill, judgement; or
  • a disregard for the welfare of members of the public served by the profession;

Of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates that the member is unfit to continue in the practice of the profession is professional incompetence within the meaning of the Act.

What is Professional Misconduct?

Professional misconduct is a question of fact, but any matter, conduct or thing, whether or not disgraceful or dishonourable, is professional misconduct within the meaning of this Act if:

  • it is harmful to the best interests of the public or the members;
  • it tends to harm the standing of the profession;
  • it is a breach of the Act or the bylaws; or
  • it is a failure to comply with an order of the counselling and investigation committee, the discipline committee or the council.

The definitions of Professional Incompetence and Professional Misconduct are taken from The Medical Laboratory Technologists Act, 1995.

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