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Provisional Restricted Members


The Council may, in cases where it determines that a person has demonstrated through a process approved by Council, equivalent qualification in more than one discipline(s) expected of an entry level MLT, license the person as a provisional restricted member for a prescribed timeframe with eligibility to practice restricted to the discipline(s) found to be equivalent. Where such restriction exists, the same shall be noted upon the license.

Provisional Restricted Members are applicants that have completed the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and are deemed equivalent in more than one discipline(s).

Members may practice as Medical Laboratory Technologists, restricted to the conditions approved by Council.  Eligibility for this membership category is for a limited timeframe, allowing the member to complete requirements outlined in the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) report. Once the member completes the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and is eligible to challenge the Canadian Certification examination, they qualify for a Temporary Practicing Licence.


  • complete the prescribed form and pays the prescribed registration and licensing fees to SSMLT;
  • Complete training to obtain eligibility to write the Canadian certification examination within the prescribed time
  • In the event the member does not meet the requirements within the prescribed time, the member’s license will be revoked and their employer informed.

Additional Information

  • shall fulfill the conditions of membership as approved by Council
  • shall receive the publications of the Society;
  • shall receive a copy of Society documents designated for distribution to practising members;
  • shall adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct as adopted by the Society;
  • shall adhere to Standards of Practice adopted by the Society.
Note: To obtain further information on Provisional Restricted Licence contact SSMLT office.
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