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What is Self-Regulation?

Self-Regulation General History

Self-regulating professions have a long history in Canada. In the pre-Confederation era, only the legal and medical professions were established to any significant extent. Other modern professions were in their infancy and as these groups became better organized, they began to lobby the Legislatures for the extension of self-governance to their particular professions. Following the World War II era, there was a tremendous growth of all types of professional associations including health profession associations as the Federal and Provincial Legislatures recognized the advantages of delegating powers to specialized councils staffed by experts in the area.

Studies and investigations were conducted and it was determined that the self-governance model was the most appropriate for regulating professions. A common recommendation made was the need for greater emphasis on public accountability and on the protection of the rights of the individual health provider.

Saskatchewan Self-Regulation History

The Ministry of Health operates independently from the self-regulating health professions. The provincial government assumes responsibility for the regulation of professions through provincial legislation,however it does not apply the legislation on a day-to-day basis. The government delegates the responsibility of regulating health professions to the association for the profession concerned. The executive of the association possesses the appropriate knowledge about the practice of the profession to determine licensure qualifications, if necessary, and to apply appropriate disciplinary measures.

Each professional association has a governing council or board elected by the membership as well as government-appointed public representatives. The council acts on behalf of the association and is responsible for applying the legislation.

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Article: "Understanding Professional Self-Regulation" By: Glen E. Randall PhDMay 5, 2005

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